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IGNITE Signing Day and Winter Missions Fundraiser

Friday, December 5th

5:30-8:00 Parent Meetings, Dessert Social, and Missions Raffle.

8:00-10:00 Christmas Party Volleyball

We want to kick off the season right! We are about more than volleyball at IGNITE so we thought an event that involved more than

volleyball was in order to. December is the season for giving, because it’s when God gave a great gift to us. In that spirit, we want to have 

fun as well as service and support those struggling around us this holiday season.

This event is for players from all teams and at least one of their parents or legal guardians.

Dessert/Appetizer Social

12's-14's Girls Teams - Appetizers

15's-18's Girls Teams - Desserts

17's-18's Boys Teams - Drinks

*     We want families to meet and get to know each other.  At IGNITE we are a family. We want our teams to be more than a group of girls or boys that play volleyball together.  Our coaches and directors are more than someone who teaches them a sport, our goals are deeper than that.  We'd like to give everyone time to just get to know each other better and start the season off right.

*     Please bring a dessert, appetizer, or drink to share that evening based on your child's team assignment listed above.  We would prefer it be something you can eat with your fingers if possible.

Missions Project Portion

*     We are hoping each team will collectively donate one raffle basket for the event. It can be of any theme of any value. Starting this week, the coach will ask for a parent volunteer from each team to head up the project and collect items from families for their basket. 

*     We ask that you turn in your basket by December 3rd to Ignite at Pinnacle Sports.

*     Baskets can be left at Pinnacle once completed and Sarah Thompson, our missions and chalk talk coordinator, will make sure they are taken care of.

*     The baskets will be raffled off at the event during the dessert social. You can buy raffle tickets and place them in the bowl in front of the basket you would like to win. Winners will be called the next day, you do not need to be present to win.

*     All proceeds from the baskets will go to funding of Missions Trip to Reach Workcamps.

*     Any parent willing to volunteer for this event please fill out the contact form below.

Parent Meeting

* Our Director, Heather Piccone, will be going over all the contracts, family grievance policies, schedules, player code of conducts and more. It is very important every player has a parent or guardian at this meeting.

* Please be prepared to pay 1/2 of your club fees that evening. Any payment issues or payment plans should be set up with Pat Kavulic. Please e-mail her directly at

Christmas Party Volleyball Tournament

We really want to SHINE that night, both on and off the court.  At 8:00 parents will leave and players will stay to play.  Teams should wear Christmas themed clothing or anything else that might make up an inexpensive and fun part of the evening and bring the team together. We are in need of small Christmas lights for the event.  Anyone willing to let us borrow them can contact Heather at

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