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Tryout Information for the  2024-2025 Season:

At IGNITE, we understand that club tryouts can be stressful. Our goal is to make the tryout process as stress-free as possible by outlining the complete process below. Another confounding aspect of JO tryouts is that you often don’t know how many openings are truly available since some spots may have already been offered and claimed by returning players. For this reason, we are fully disclosing the status of our returning player contracts on the “2024 IGNITE Teams” page.

Our intention is to offer Regional, American, Elite and NATIONAL  teams for 11 – 18 age groups. (American not offered at 11's, National team only offered at 16's) The actual number & level of teams in the club for the ’24-’25 season will be dependent on the results of the tryout and selection process.  We are limiting this club expansion so that we can still maintain a high level of play while providing the personal connection and support for our players and families.

Dear Prospective IGNITE family, 

This is a year of change at IGNITE. For the first time, we are having summer tryouts, as are most other JO Clubs. At IGNITE, we fully realize the stress and pressure tryouts can bring. We want to do all we can to make the experience a fun one for your player.

During the try out process, every player will be formally evaluated and all players will be taken into consideration. Coaches and directors will not only look for individual skill, but also take positions, team chemistry and even schools into consideration. No parents will be allowed on the courts during try outs. 

After the try out process is complete, a team of Coaches and Directors will review the results of the evaluations and produce a list of players to offer contracts to. A list of player alternates will also be comprised and placed on a wait list. The waitlist will not be in any order. Players will be taken off the waitlist and placed on the offer list by positional need. ​

Contract offers and wait listed players will be posted the evening of tryouts via try out number on the website.Families offered contracts will be contacted by phone from a coach or club director so that we can answer any questions and congratulate your player on a job well done. After the intital offer, we are not allowed to continue to initiate contact with your player. You, however, may contact us at any time. 

The deadline to accept or decline the contract offer is 10 days after the day of tryouts. There is a link to those deadlines set by the OVR below. We ask that those who have arrived at a decision let us know quickly because it affects other players waiting to see if there will be a position on a roster for them. We know that waiting to see if you have a spot on a roster is stressful, and we want to do all we can to help make the final roster placement process as easy and anxiety free as possible. 

God Bless,

Tyler Price, IGNITE Director


IGNITE Tryout Dates and Times


                  14's - Saturday July 13th, Noon -3:00pm

                  15's - Sunday July 14th, Noon - 2:30pm

                  16's - Sunday July 14th, 3:30pm - 6:00pm

                  17/18's -Saturday July 13th, 4:00pm - 6:00pm


*Tryouts are held at the Reminderville Athletic Club:

3100 Glenwood Blvd, Reminderville, OH

Tryouts for the 11's thru 13's will be held in the Fall. 

  • 11's: October 18th, 5-8pm

  • 12's: October 19th, 5-8pm

  • 13's: October 25th, 5-8pm

Fall Make Up Tryouts If Needed:

  • 14's: October 26th, 6-9pm

  • 15-17's: November 10th 7-9pm



Double check your age group definition for 2023-2024 Season


Purchase a mandatory tryout membership with the OVR.

Ohio Valley Region volleyball requires that all players trying out holds a valid try out membership.

Print and bring completed medical waiver to tryouts.


Walk up registration is always welcome at IGNITE but we would love for you to pre-register in order to save your player the time and hassle of the registration process the day of tryouts. 

Please know that walk up registration lines can be lengthy. If choosing to walk up, please allow for an addtional 20-30 mintues time prior to tryout start. We find pre-registered players are more relaxed and have less anxiety about tryouts.

Registration for tryouts will open closer to the Summer.

Contact Director Tyler Price at 330-475-4369 or with questions. (If emailing, please give more time for a response. Text is preferred.)

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