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What is Chalk Talk?

Chalk talk is a way of connecting each player with FAITH, with EACH OTHER, and with VOLLEYBALL.  We teach them how to be competitors with GRACE, with MERCY, with RESPECT, and with DIGNITY. Our goal is to coach each player as an individual both on the court and off the court. Each week your player's coach will sit down with their team off the court and teach them aspects of character through scripture and devotions that can be applied to their every day life and their life as an athlete.

What differentiates Christ-following competitors from others?

Christ-followers should be more passionate, coachable, and work harder than all others. We respect and edify others and overcome challenges with humbleness and grace. This is what it looks like to be a contagious Christian--this is what it looks like to be a Christ-follower who competes. “But,” you might ask, “can’t these same qualities be displayed by others who do not follow Christ?” Absolutely! Then what differentiates Christ-followers who compete from other competitors? It is this: It is not the NATURE of what we do, but the ORIGIN of what we do that sets us apart. Rather than these characteristics being produced through self-effort, followers of Christ rely on the empowering Presence of the Holy Spirit to compete as athletes who are passionate, respectful, edifiers, humble and gracious. By doing so, our divine Source produces divine results, revealing our love for Christ to the world. 

Being a Christ-follower and an athletic competitor may seem like difficult tasks to balance, but it is possible to be both an intense player and follower. What really matters is that as we play, we remember that we are representing more than a ourselves, our team, or our club--we are representing our God. If we compete in such a way, then it might make others say, “I want what they have in my life”. Every time we step onto the court we are given the opportunity to reveal God's glory to the world!!

Quote taken from Competitive Edge International

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