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We are the Sports Performance program for all area athletes. Whatever your specific performance goals are, we have the best facilities, equipment, training protocols, and coaches to help you achieve them. As a partner of IGNITE, The Edge has worked to offer all girls and guys who make an IGNITE team the very best training around at a special, discounted rate. So, if you are an IGNITE player and need to work on your vertical jumping, lateral quickness & explosion, power development, ankle & mid-section strength, or even just an improved level of basic fitness, we are available to you.


Results are what you are interested in if you sign up with us, so what exactly are the results you could expect? In regards to volleyball specifically, here are some of the results we have compiled over our seven years of existence:

• 2” average increase in vertical jump short term; up to 4.5” over time

• 0.2 off of the Pro Agility drill

• Increased power in hitting

• Quicker/more explosive first steps & court coverage

• Increased ankle strength & mobility; eliminate the need for ankle braces

• We’ve been blessed to have worked with volleyball players who went on various scholarships/grants to: Appalachian State, Eastern Kentucky University, Loyola University, University of Florida, Ohio University, Notre Dame College, Hiram College, University of Mount Union, and many others

Contact Brian White for specific pricing, if you have any questions, or to schedule your initial session. 330-414-5449 (Team and small group training is also available)

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