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"...Let your light shine..." Matthew 5:16
Here at IGNITE, we understand the stress of trying out and not knowing what spots are truly available at a club or have already been offered and committed too by another player.  We want to make the tryout process as honest and simple for you as possible. For this reason, we are choosing to publish full disclosure on our early season contracts. All clubs are required by OVR rules to publish signed players.  If you are signed with a club and they do not have a published list by name, you may request that from them.

If a player is already listed under a specific team, then they are already contracted to that specific team for the upcoming season. If they are listed on the left side of the page, then they have a contract to their listed age group with their specific team TBD the day of tryouts.

                Any questions can be texted to Club Director, Tyler Price at 330-475-4369 or emailed at                                     (if emailing please allow a longer response time)

Names in RED have accepted their offer.
​Coaches: Hallie Forrai

Tenley Korosec
Gianna Reville
Cassidy Serdinak
Audrey Tober
Arabella Wetzel

13 Black Elite
​Coach: Taylor Reynolds
13 Red American
​Coach: TBD
13 White Regional
​Coach: Hannah Voss

12 Black American
​Coach: Jenna Schadle

11 Black Regional
​Coach: Sydney Schertzinger

12 Red Regional
​Coach: Katie Metzinger

Ava Andrews- Highland
Allison Forgan- Highland
Kaitlin Klingensmith- Twinsburg
Kennedy PLatek- CVCA
Taylor Pucky- Twinsburg
Lainey Schuck- Kent
Payton Snyder- Walsh
15 Black Elite
​ Coach: Nicole Welsh

15 Red American
​Coach: David Liese

​Ella DeBenedictis- Nordonia
Chloe Hershey- Aurora
Grace Loeser- Twinsburg
Anna Popovic- Twinsburg
Lily Victoroff- Chagrin Falls
14 Black Elite
​Coach: Jessica Stevens
14 Red American
​Coach: Nina Ali

14 Grey Regional
​Coach: Maren Dempsy

14 White American
Coach: Tyler Price & Rachele Kelly

Delaney Ramsey
Callie Dietrich
Maggei Ruggles
Hailey Williams
Kendall Matlock
Ollie Salgado
AnneMarie Lemons
Haleigh Schulda
Gabby Barnard
Grace Svette

18 Black Regional
Coaches: Heather Piccone and Jake Grandstaff

Lizzy Alexander- NDCL
Brooke Gecina- Aurora
Abby Green- Stow
Rachel Lechak- Kenston
Ava McGovern- Aurora
Kate McMullin- WRA
Cailor Roche- Aurora
Camryn Welsh- Stow
Keira McLaughlin- Stow
Olivia Valahovic-Walsh

17 Black Elite
​Coach: Jim Maloof

Riley Barwidi- Nordonia
Mary Hottinger- Hoban
Madison Serdinak- Walsh
Kylie Schneider- Stow
Lana Witmer- Aurora
Peyton Poston- Stow
16 Black Elite

2022-2023 Club Contracts. Teams TBD at tryouts.

Betsy Voytilla
Emma Scaccia
Mia Fratoe
Norah Ali
Sophia Rolla
Adrianna Giancola

Claire Fudo
Clare Mack
Ava Scope
Margarette Svette
Angelique Grace
Olivia Abraham
Katie Danhauer
Kyla Singer
Rylee Platek
Payton Soltis
Lauren Morrow

Gabriella Armbruster
Ava Lucas
Katelyn Alexander
Mia Dauria
Charlee Hill
Alyssa Lane
Addison Lefeld
Claire Muzzio
Molly Nightwine
Isabella Rosko
Dylan Tschudy
Lyla Mulheman
Gianna Kolar

Ava Franz
Devin Macsuga
Zoey McCulough
Camryn McLaughlin
Keira Mohlenkamp
Madisyn Muth
Cheyenne Welsh