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    2016-2017 IGNITE Boys Teams
At IGNITE we do our best inspire and train athletes in a positive way. Recently, there has been a growing interest for IGNITE to host more boys teams, based on interest from Open Gym attendance and pre-registration for tryouts. We could possibly expand the existing teams. The level and age of those teams would be based off of the interest shown. 

We are committed to providing a well structured and complete program for boys in the area. The season will run from October until the end of February.  Their are also half season teams from October to January. 

    New Boys Program Director and Assistant Director
Boys Program Director: Richard Jackson

    Phone Number: 330-685-4655
IGNITE Boys Fall League & BIVL
IGNITE holds a Boys Fall League starting at the end of August to help promote boys volleyball in the area and to help the boys get ready for the club season starting in October. There are two divisions, Advanced and Intermediate, so there are options for all skill levels. 

BIVL (Boys intermediate Volleyball League) is for 4-6th grade boys looking to get started in the game! Information can be found below and registration is open online using link on the left side of this page! 

Tryout Information
The tryouts for the boys program ill soon be announced. If there are any questions or conflicts please contact Brad Seislove, information is above.  

Look below for information about boys playing opportunities during the summer! Open gyms starting in August are FREE 

 IGNITE Boys Coaching Staff

Sharon Durdel: Jackson High School 
Tyler Price: Stow High School (girls) 
Jeremy Layden: Hoban High School (boys), Woodridge High School (girls)
Chris Fullerton: Medina High School 2012-2014 
Frazer Costa: Jackson High School
Matt Seislove:  Walsh High School JV, IGNITE 18 Red    

Richard Jackson: North Region Coaches Achievement Award , Jackson High School (Director, and overall program coaches assistant when needed)