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14 Black Elite
Here at IGNITE, we understand the stress of trying out and not knowing what spots are truly available at a club or have already been offered and committed too by another player.  We want to make the tryout process as honest and simple for you as possible. For this reason, we are choosing to publish full disclosure on our early season contracts. All clubs are required by OVR rules to publish signed players. You can see all clubs signed players here:

Any questions can be texted to Club Director, Heather Piccone at 330-606-8864 or emailed at                                     (if emailing please allow a longer response time)
Please text Heather Piccone with responses 330-606-8864 or email at

14 Red American

14 Red American

13 Black Elite

13 Red American

13 White Regional

12 Black American

15 Black Elite

15 Red Elite

15 White

18 Black Regional

17 Black Elite

16 Black Elite